a lingua resiste no estómago dun agricultor morto
film / 2022  / 16:9 / 7’ / color / sound

The words of Lupe Gómez dialogue with the images of a contemporary Galicia filmed by Acacia Ojea.
A conversation about how we confront and embrace traditions, how we reproduce them and are conditioned by apprehension.
A dance of bodies and emotions that coexist and oscillate from rage to calm.
An encounter between the common process of identity digestion and respect for the land.

premiere at Granada Film Festival (Granada, 2022)

selected on Márgenes Festival Internacional de Cine (Madrid, 2022)

selected on Bendita Tú Festival (Buenos Aires, 2022)

selected on Festival de Cans (Galicia, 2023)

interview about the film here