La bouche, promèner, non, non, non

film / 2020  / 4:3 / 12’ / color / sound

“Embracing the poetics of the landscape, this film penetrates in an experiential journey where the quotidian proclaims its uniqueness andeach gesture threads a skeleton of tensions, reflections, movements or distorted images that go beyond their representation. As fragmented sensations, there is a flight from narrativelinearity that stimulates the contemplation of space as a generator of meanings and events.”

text by Sara Donoso

premiere at Intersección Festival (A Coruña, 2020)

selected on Ciclo DOCMA, Cineteca Matadero (Madrid, 2021)

selected on (S8) Mostra de Cinema Periferico (A Coruña, 2022)

young jury award (Intersección Festival, 2020)

interview about the film here